Wash Routine

Washing Your Nappies After Use:

Remove and rinse any soiling

(If only wet, no need to rinse - pop straight into the dry pail)

Pre Wash every 2-3 days on a 40-60 degree cycle lasting 30-60min * if you use night nappies, pre-wash should be done daily. 

Return prewashed nappies (still wet) to the dry pail until main wash

Main Wash every 2-4 days depending on load size on a 40-60 degree cycle lasting 2.5-3 hours

Line dry. Inserts can be placed in a clothes dryer.

* A dry pale can simply be a basket, just ensure there are sufficient holes in the basket to allow air flow. A few examples are below:


* Correct loading is required for optimal agitation. Aim for your machine to be full when dry and 3/4 full when items are wet

* Amount of detergent required will depend on your machines size & what detergent you are using

Washing New Nappies

To prepare your new cloth nappies, we recommend washing them 3-5 times before use. This helps build up the absorbency. They can simply be popped in with your regular clothes washing and also in our pre and main washes.