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Unfortunately the time has come for me to close my beloved eco store and focus more on my family.

To clear out our remaining stock, we are have some amazing discounts on offer or why not have some extra excitement and grab one of our Mystery Packages!

I have been lucky enough to be involved in the testing and trialing of the nappies, perks of being a local friend of Chauntelles, and OMG they are amazing!! I’m talking absolute pure perfection The fit is phenomenal. I’ve trialed them on my now 12mth old (from when he was 7mths) and on my 3yr old and they fit both of them so well. They’re so super easy to fit and use with no gaps or gaping and they wash really well without going rock hard with line drying or becoming misshaped. They’re the softest nappies ever They leave no red marks at all, even overnight - and yes they can be used for night, the inserts are that absorbent. Even the outside is super soft!And the prints… love love love them all!!! I’ve been cloth napping for over 25years and these are hands down the best nappies ever!!


Chauntelle helped me with my cloth journey long before she started this business, so I can't think of someone better to run a business like this. If you're looking for someone knowledgeable, kind and understanding, Chauntelle is your person! Her products are all high quality, but so reasonably priced and She'll help you find a product to suit your needs.


Ordered a backpack for my little girl for daycare it's absolutely gorgeous and beautiful quality. Thankyou


Such a fantastic one stop shop for all baby things. I love the vip group and the games and competitions they run too. Makes shopping even more fun!


The range of products is amazing and so affordable. the love that goes into the handmade things and packaging of items is great. highly recommend:)


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Some beautiful photos from our amazing customers of the products in action.